We are exclusive retailers and best seller for FUMETSU. Offers Combat BJJ Gi and MMA kimonos, equipment and accessories, kick shields, knee pad/guards, BJJ Gi and MMA Gloves at great prices.
Especially professional BJJ Gi, MMA, Muay Thai & Fight Sport accessories and equipment brand since 2007. Moreover creators of premium mixed martial art products, that suitable for fighters and trainees.
FUMETSU is the Japanese word intended for eternal or durable. But even with eastern derivation of the name, FUMETSU Combat is in reality a Spanish business since 2007. This brand name believes in offering equipment for martial artists in Europe at reasonable price.
In the vein of its name and the concept behind the word, FUMETSU. Equipment and Accessories prepared to 'stand the trial of time' – All products practically everlasting!
Enormous range of product consists of gloves and protective gear for many more martial arts and combat sports. At our MuscleBound store, we store and supply collection of products from FUMETSU. Including ghost boxing gloves and ghost focus mitts which designed for bag/pad work and also for light sparring.
Please do not hesitate to make contact with us. Pick up your phone and immediately give us call. Instead you may drop us an email as well. And knowledgeable member of our team from our store glad to help you with your enquiry.
If your desired products not listed here please request an inquiry on our contact page.

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