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What Are Boxing Bag Mitts?

Boxing bag mitts, also known as punch bag mitts or boxing gloves, are protective gear worn on the hands during boxing, Muay Thai, or other combat sports training. Unlike traditional boxing gloves, bag mitts are lighter and offer less padding, primarily designed for bag work and pad training.

Purpose of Boxing Bag Mitts

The primary purpose of boxing bag mitts is to protect the hands during training sessions involving heavy bags, speed bags, or focus pads. They offer cushioning to absorb impact, reducing the risk of hand injuries such as bruises, cuts, or abrasions. Additionally, they provide wrist support and stabilisation to prevent strain or sprains during punching movements.

Advantages of Boxing Bag Mitts

Enhanced Protection: Bag mitts offer adequate padding to shield the hands and knuckles from impact, minimising the risk of injuries.

Improved Grip and Control

Their ergonomic design allows for better grip and control over punches, ensuring precise and effective strikes.

Comfort and Breathability

Many bag mitts feature breathable materials and mesh panels to promote airflow, keeping the hands cool and comfortable during extended training sessions.


Bag mitts are versatile and suitable for various training activities, including heavy bag work, speed drills, and pad work.

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