Belly Pads are protective gear designed to protect a fighter’s stomach and abdominal areas. Purchase your adult Muay Thai belly pads today from Musclebound. The number 1 fight gear supplier in Scotland. Nationwide delivery available.

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What Are Belly Pads?

Belly Pads are protective gear designed to shield a fighter's midsection, particularly the abdominal area. They are commonly used in training and sparring to allow fighters to practise body shots without risking injury.

How Do Belly Pads Work?

Belly Pads are equipped with padding to absorb the impact of body shots, preventing injury to the wearer. Coaches and training partners wear these pads to facilitate body shot practice. They provide a realistic target for fighters to aim at during training sessions.

Advantages of Belly Pads

Injury Prevention

Protect the midsection from injury during body shot training.

Realistic Training

Offer a lifelike target for fighters to practise accurate body shots.

Versatile Use

Suitable for various combat sports and training scenarios.

Comfortable Fit

Designed for the comfort and safety of both trainer and fighter.

Why Buy Belly Pads from Musclebound?

Musclebound offers a range of Belly Pads that emphasise safety and realism in training. Our selection provides superior protection during body shot practice and is suitable for fighters and trainers across different combat sports. When you choose Belly Pads from Musclebound, you're selecting quality and safety for your training sessions.