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Circular Punch Shields

Circular punch shields are essential pieces of fighting gear designed to enhance your training sessions. These shields provide a target for striking, helping fighters improve accuracy, speed, and power.

What is a Circular Punch Shield?

A circular punch shield is a piece of equipment used in combat sports training, such as boxing and martial arts. It typically consists of a circular pad with handles on the back for the trainer to hold securely.

How Do Circular Punch Shields Work?

During training sessions, the trainer holds the circular punch shield, allowing the fighter to practise striking techniques. The circular design offers a larger target area, helping fighters refine their accuracy and timing.

Advantages of Circular Punch Shields

Improved Accuracy: Circular punch shields provide a defined target for fighters to aim at, helping them develop precision in their strikes.

Enhanced Speed and Power

By repeatedly striking the shield, fighters can improve their speed and power, leading to more effective punches during competitions.

Versatile Training

Circular punch shields can be used for various striking techniques, including punches, elbows, and kicks, making them versatile tools for combat sports training.

Circular Punch Shields at Musclebound

LKP2 Fairtex Donut Pad Black

Multi-layered foam ideal for boxing and other martial arts drills. Features reinforced handles for a tighter grip.

Eizo Reversible Double Handed Circular Diamond Air Shield

Reversible design with an air shield for regular training and a zero impact central target zone. Made of high-quality synthetic material for durability.

Eizo Scudo Double Handed Circular Pads

Extra-light and durable round shield ideal for heavy hitters and elite athletes. Features padding in stratified foams for maximum shock absorption.

Eizo Double Precision Shield

Features a central target zone on one side to absorb shock and reduce stress on impact. Suitable for developing stroke rates and combinations.


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