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About MuscleBound Coupons

1. These coupons listed on certain products for certain period of time. These coupons can collected and saved from our subscription offer e-mail. To get these coupon you should be our MuscleBound email (news/offer) subscriber. The coupon discount applies on the qualifying products at checkout of the cart payment.
2. You can collect seasonal coupons after subscribing our email, regular weekly coupons by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
3. How to redeem these coupons? Enter your coupon code in the box next to ‘APPLY COUPON’ button. Once you’ve clicked the button, you will get a note confirming that the coupon has been applied. Then, just follow the regular procedure of placing an order with our cart. On the checkout page you will see that the coupon discount is applied.
4. Do all payment modes qualify for the coupon discount? Yes, all online credit/debit card payment methods qualify for the coupon discount. For one time shopping cart checkout.
5. The coupon discount applies only to the one unit (Quantity) of cart purchase.