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Floor to Ceiling Balls

Floor to ceiling balls, also known as double-end bags, are essential pieces of fighting gear designed to improve speed, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. These balls consist of a leather or synthetic leather punching bag attached to both the floor and ceiling by elastic cords.

What is a Floor to Ceiling Ball?

A floor to ceiling ball is a training tool used by boxers, MMA fighters, and martial artists to simulate moving targets and practise striking techniques.

How Do Floor To Ceiling Balls Work?

Floor to ceiling balls work by providing a dynamic target that moves unpredictably, challenging the athlete to maintain focus and precision while striking.

Advantages of Floor to Ceiling Balls

Improved Reflexes: Constant movement of the ball requires quick reactions, enhancing reflexes.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Practising strikes on a moving target improves coordination and accuracy.


Users must move around the bag, enhancing agility and footwork skills.

Cardiovascular Fitness: High-intensity workouts with floor to ceiling balls provide excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Floor to Ceiling Balls at Musclebound

Synthetic Leather Deluxe Floor-to-Ceiling Ball

Premium floor-to-ceiling ball made from high-quality synthetic leather.

Extra-strong straps and updated floor and ceiling connection for durability.

Adjustable length premium bungee cords ensure a customizable experience.

Ideal for boxing, MMA, and fitness training.


Enhance your training regimen with the Synthetic Leather Deluxe Floor-to-Ceiling Ball from Musclebound. Built to withstand intense workouts, this floor to ceiling ball is perfect for athletes looking to elevate their skills.