Mr. Kad Ahmad from the United Kingdom founded the ' No.1 Fight Gear Designed For Elite Fighters ' brand. Simultaneously looking at the rising demand for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and BJJ equipment accessories, this brand was established in 2013.

No.1 Fight Gear Designed For Elite Fighters was born to offer All contact sports and combat apparel, equipment, and accessories. The earlier stage of a brand now offers only apparel for Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA. Soon with the beginning of the year 2022, the brand planning to launch new products one after one. Products in range of boxing gloves, headgear, muay thai and BJJ gi or uniforms, boxing uniforms. However currently offering boxing gloves, guards, pads, mitts, shields, equipment, and accessories for sports and yoga from others brands.

Muay Thai Shorts of No.1 Fight Gear Designed For Elite Fightersbrand, handmade in Thailand. Short combines design and durability with a high-quality finish. Ideal for all Thai boxing practitioners' kids. Apparently, these shorts are crafted from satin material for increased tear resistance. With side slits of shorts gives you total freedom of movement during the fight. The No.1 Fight Gear shorts feature their logo on the front and two logos on both sides. The silk-style finish on both sides adds a sleek look and durability. Further taking inspiration from tear resistance and durable designs. The eye-catching design is converted directly within the fabric for an ultra-detailed rendering and an unequaled lifetime.

MuscleBound is proud to establish and offer you their owned brand No1. Fight Gear. At present we have only a range of Muay Thai Shorts for kids/adults. Soon we will be bringing you here the new series of our new products.

If your desired products are not listed here on the site, please request an inquiry on our contact page.

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