Empire's World!
The organization of the Empire is quite peculiar. We have no hierarchy as it is our belief that small groups of smart people work better than anything else.
We believe our team of young and dynamic people can accomplish extraordinary things and run circles around the old-fashioned tape companies that refuse to put their clients first and sit and wait for things to happen. At Empire, we install a belief that we can create innovative products designed to satisfy the most demanding applications. The Empire ‘Think Tank’ includes everyone in our organization and it's an exciting mix of youth, energy, and experience making our world an exciting place to be!

But the most striking difference between Empire and other tape companies is the way products are developed. Everyone gets involved very early on. There's a very natural, consistent collaboration within the Empire Team, with our Suppliers and our Production people. We think that is one of the things that is distinctive at Empire. When we're developing ideas there's not a final architecture established, it’s a progression to the next new product from Empire.

Empire employees refer to that as “concurrent engineering.” It means that the development of new products isn’t sequential, passing from team to team; it's all simultaneous and organic. Products get worked on in parallel by all departments at once — design, materials, and sales — in endless rounds of interdisciplinary reviews we strive to create innovative tapes that deliver on performance and style. There is a lot of debate and arguments at Empire, we encourage them and delight in them. This is the Empire's way of attaining perfection, this is our world!

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