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Top King Professional Focus Mitts use premium cowhide leather, with high-quality stitching for optimal durability. They feature individual finger covering, making them easy to slip on and off while training. This style of hand covering also improves the trainer’s agility during pad holding sessions. The finger tips are open, so these punch mitts are one-size-fits-all.

These Top King punch mitts are lightweight, allowing for quick positioning and speed training. Their small surface area makes them ideal for working on punching accuracy.

The striking surface is padded with multiple layers of high-density foam. These Top King Focus Pads are highly durable and able to outlast impact from professional fighters. They are perfect for training speed and precision striking. The Top King Professional Focus Mitts are suitable for Thai boxers and orthodox boxers alike

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Since year of 2008, Thai TOP KING BOXING modernized the Muay Thai equipment & apparel market. Furthermore grown at rapid pace since its commencement. TOP KING attributing such great success within the industry.
Foe the global variety of MMA fighters, trainers and gym owners, Thai TOP KING BOXING Grappling Gloves are made to last. Also take the retribution of the toughest MMA training sessions. Surprisingly all gloves manufactured up to the premier standard. So you can rest assure that you are in secure hands with Thai TOP KING BOXING MMA gloves.
In 2009, brand guaranteed that “Total assurance to excellent design and implementation of cutting edge technologies. While steadfastly deep-rooted to the core essence of Martial Arts and Boxing”. As this deep infatuation of martial arts marked itself and Thai TOP KING BOXING was born.
Brand has an extensive awareness of Martial Arts and Boxing equipment and apparel. This brand launches futurist line of products which are as traditional as they are unique. Brand personifying the strength of innovation, quality preciseness. Plus ergonomically designs to guarantee that each product made while keeping consumer’s safeties in mind.
Today with this fusion of the past and the future. Devotion to the consumer and years of practice can just found in one place; that's Thai TOP KING BOXING.
They presents Kids/ Mens/ Womens Shorts, Shin Guards, Bag Gloves, Focus Mitts, Pads, Accessories & Equipment for Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA.
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