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Our famous contest glove was redesigned as a complete sparring set. The Alpha horsehair contest gloves have been made bulkier, now coming in both 14oz and 16oz variants for sparring sessions. Featuring both horsehair and regular padding, these gloves offer the same famous Alpha fit, but with added wrist, hand, and knuckle protection to keep you and your opponent safe throughout any hard sparring session.

As well as a revolutionary horsehair sparring glove, these sets also come with a matching head and groin guard, available in small, medium, and large.

All of these sparring sets have been handcrafted as a highly limited edition range.Features:

  • 16 or 14oz lace-up sparring glove
  • Small, Medium or Large head guard and groin guard
  • Horsehair glove padding
  • Premium finished COWHIDE LEATHER construction
  • Ringside presentation case


Additional information

Weight 6.000 kg



Since many years RingSide Boxing UK rising as brand of boxing accessories & equipment supplier based in London. Best equipment and accessories solution exist as RingSide Boxing UK. Significantly brand earned recognition as the world's largest brand. Again most dependable providers of boxing gear for individuals of all levels. Before you get into the ring, ensure Ringside remains in your corner.
Notably, this brand have it all… Headgear, trunks, punching bags, bag gloves, education system, and competition apparl. However while you get all the way down to the nitty gritty. It all starts and ends with your boxing gloves. Integrating current technology, along with IMF Tech, Gel Shock and Dome Air with old-school craftsmanship. RingSide Boxing UK has set up the well earned reputation for offering premier tools at fair price. Yet their boxing gloves continually become specialty. And professionals wearing this best brands within the business.
Further Revolution Series combined with game changing structure quality and style of product. Products designed to meet requirements of the professional boxers. RingSide Boxing UK Super Pro Spar Gloves ideal for both sparring and bag work. Products handmade from the premier quality cowhide leathers. And designed alongside the team of pro boxers. The new Pro Equipment provides unparalleled comfort, protection and style.
Consequently brand comes with long list of variety products. Like boxing equipment & accessories, boxing/sparring gloves/gears. Punch bag’s accessories & equipment, boxing guards/pads. Fitness/gym accessories/clothing/apparels/equipment. Boxing sets, fitness sets, footwear and many more.
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