Ringhorns Destroyer Boxing Gloves : until maximum effort !

Specially designed for an intensive use in boxing, the Ringhorns Destroyer Boxing Gloves guarantee an optimal comfort and a great safety while proposing an ambitious and aggressive design.

Do not stop. Hit again and again. Push until maximum effort !

Technical features:

  • Multi-layer foam for optimal absorption and distribution of the shock wave.
  • 100% leather.
  • Large cuff for better wrist protection.
  • Velcro quality.
  • Attached thumb to decrease the risk of injury.
  • Great quality for the price.
  • Available in several colors (black/grey and black/red).
  • From 8 to 16oz.



RingHorns formed in 2017 in Los Angeles with help of similar designer of the trendy combat brand, ‘VENUM’. Products distributes all over the world.
The RingHorns Boxing Gloves known as one of kind fitness boxing gloves. These gloves ideal gear required for your boxing session. Their Gloves specially designed to offer you maximum ease and protection at an immense value. Fitting of glove gives exclusive level of comfort, that's rare for the given price range.
Ringhorns boxing gloves suitable for people new to the sport of boxing or hobbyists training 2 to 3 times week. For fitness boxing or in ring, these gloves provide an incredible bang for your buck. Constructed with multi-layer system that ensures optimal shock absorption. For good protection of hand throughout training sessions. Mesh panel on the palm of gloves facilitates perspiration wicking. Brands boxing gloves feature print and several logos for elite look. You may or may not even have to to put on hand wraps to put on these gloves since they have good snug fit.
Headgear available to become punch proof fighter! Endure every punches without getting hurt thanks to the Ringhorns Headgear! It protect your cheeks, chin and nose without blocking your view thanks to metallic protection bar. Brands Headgear turn you in punch proof fighter who overcome every challenges!
RingHorns offers various products like apparels, boxing gloves, kick pads, punch mitts, punching bags, shin guard, groin guards, head gears, handwraps, protectors and supports for men, women and kids.
If your desired products not listed here on the site, please request an inquiry on our contact page.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg