the Original Thai kick pads are a beautifully made Thai Kick pad from our factory in Bangkok. Invented by top Thai designers and handcrafted to the needs of top Muay Thai Coaches in the motherland of kickboxing the REVGEAR Original Thai Pad is set to compete at the top level of the sport.

This Thai kick pad is a medium size with multi-layered padding and a comfortable curve on the pad allowing an instant broken-in feel. After a full year of testing by some of the world’s best Thai fighters we are confident this is the ultimate Thai pad.

The coach benefits from an extra pad under the forearm taking the shock away from multiple rounds of powerful roundhouse kicks. For REVGEAR this product represents a move into the top of the Authentic Muay Thai bracket adding top of the range 100% Thai made products that proudly stand next to the best in the world.

Muay Thai Coaches during testing have commented on the comfort level of this pad as well as its ability to remove the shock from even the biggest kickers.

Unlike the more MMA Style Revgear Curved Thai The original Thai kick pad has the more traditional double arm strap as well as the riveted handle to the top. These pads are available in a tough durable Syntek leather and in a range of colors.

This Set of Thai kick pads are the perfect choice for coaches and students of all levels but are certainly of a professional level and comparable with any high quality 100% Thai made brand. Products you should consider to purchase alongside these pads would be the Original Thai Belly pad and Original Thai Shinguards for the perfect coaching pack!

  • Authentic 100% Thai Made
  • Forearm pad for the ultimate coach comfort and protection
  • Multi-layered foam padding
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Available in Single or Double Strap



Revgear is an American business enterprise that encompasses progressive design, development, production, worldwide advertising and income of martial arts supplies, device, garb, and services. The business enterprise established in Van Nuys, California, within the Los Angeles metropolitan area, with over 21 years of leading dealer of martial arts elements and gadget to martial arts schools, companies, and direct consumers.
This Brand founded in July 1996 with ideas of Paul Reavlin, CPA and Krav Maga First Degree Black Belt. Years of intense, first-hand education inspired Reavlin to supply top-of-line series of system that would preserve as much as the maximum stressful martial arts disciplines. In addition to manufacturing martial arts components and device, the organization produces stay events under the Revgear Seminar Division. Especially nationwide events encompass Revolution: International Martial Arts Professionals Conference, Revgear University, Revgear Tournament of Champions for Muay Thai. Besides Revgear Competition League for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Brand has backed many expert athletes in martial arts and combat sports.
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In 2014, Premiered Competition League and Revolution: International Martial Arts Professionals Conference beneath its Seminar Division.
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