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  • Heavy duty 13″ dia, filled bags,made from glossed leather hides.(Requires 4 leg Hanging Chain sold separately).  approx 27kg

Additional information

Weight 27.00 kg



Pro-Box UK an official listed brand for many boxing competition within United Kingdom. Simultaneously popularity of this brand remain well known. Besides recognized by many more boxing champions as well.
Earlier new brand started on. Still only after five years of attention to detail and safety, rewarded with the Amateur International Boxing Association (A.I.B.A) conceding Pro-Box the only ‘Safety And Quality Assurance License’. Which hand out to the British company ‘Pro-Box UK’.  Licence for the production/manufacturing of competition gloves & head-guards to protect amateur boxers in their competitions all around the world.
Above all this brand supplies rings & equipment to the outlets. Also for Health and Fitness Studio’s ABA listed boxing clubs. Moreover for one large division of the British Armed Forces. Besides that brand have delivered the products to some most successful names in British boxing over the years. Including Steve Collins, Barry McGuigan, Frank Bruno, Chris Eubank and Prince Naseem Hamed to name just few.
Pro-Box UK always focused on high quality products at very fair price. Aims to live up to brand name as ‘The Professionals Choice in Boxing’. And 'from the head guard on your head to the ring under your feet'.
This brand delivers you variety of products. Like boxing gloves, spars, gears, head guards, protection accessories, leg guards, mouth guards, pads & shields. Training & fitness equipment. Punch bags, clothing, boxing ring & accessories. And many more for kids and adults both.
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