Fix your ground game and take it to the next level with the Motion Master; the grappling dummy that’s going to change how you train for life!

This unique alligator shaped grappling dummy offers endless training positions for any kind ground work from side control from floor to mount, low-level strikes, submissions to transitions between positions.

Motion Master is an innovative grappling dummy like no other. Created by World Light-Heavyweight Shooto Champion and The Kink of Leg Locks, Erik Paulson, the Motion Master is designed to simulate the human form. With four strategically placed nubs representing elbows and knees, you can redefine your ground fight perfecting pop-ups, step and switch, helicopters and more!

Each Motion Master comes with a free training DVD featuring Erik Paulson doing moves you only wished you could do! Find out why this is the most sought after grappling dummy and learn how master your ground game for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, grappling or wrestling.

Practice endless grappling positions like low-level strikes, helicopters, pop-ups and more!
Unique alligator shape is designed to simulate the human form

Dimensions: 54″ x 21″ x 12″



Revgear is an American business enterprise that encompasses progressive design, development, production, worldwide advertising and income of martial arts supplies, device, garb, and services. The business enterprise established in Van Nuys, California, within the Los Angeles metropolitan area, with over 21 years of leading dealer of martial arts elements and gadget to martial arts schools, companies, and direct consumers.
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