Our charcoal S4 Boxing gloves offer you everything that you need to begin your boxing journey. We developed these gloves for beginners or those who aren’t too serious about training and do it more for fun. The reason we only put one wrist support strap on our S4 range was to keep the price down. When you first get into a new sport, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on equipment that you might only use a few times. And we feel that we have brought out a very high quality product at a very reasonable price.

These charcoal S4 gloves have a pre-curved natural fit, proper knuckle protection, and secure support for your wrists. We wanted to make the gloves stand out a bit more on the market so we decided to throw in a free pair of hand wraps and a wash bag too, making this kit the best bang for your money out there. We also added the much loved sweat thumb from out T3 range. The suede-like material helps to make it easy to wipe-away any sweat from your face while you’re training. We currently have 10 colour options available and they come in four sizes. The sizes on our website include: X-Small (10oz), Small (12oz), Medium (14oz) and Large (16oz).

One of the first things that we looked at was the padding. Far too many beginners enter the sport and end up getting put of because of wrist pain or because they hurt their knuckles. For the reason we made sure to fill our S4 gloves with excellent padding to protect your knuckles and a foam splint that supports your wrists to prevent awkward bends. So you can train without pain and spend more time in the gym. It’s important to remember that you should never feel pain when you are training.

These gloves were built to take a beating. We chose a durable PU vegan leather for the outer shell and used an injection moulded foam padding that protects you and should last for years of training.

Charcoal S4 Boxing Glove Features
• Material: PU vegan leather
• Wrist support: Single splint
• Hand protection: Injection molded foam
• Closure: Single Velcro strap
• Lining: XT2® Nylon fabric
• Basics: Attached thumb, breathable mesh palm, foam grip bar, wipe-away sweat thumb
• Included: 1 Pair of black 180-inch handwraps, 1 handwrap wash bag
• Best for: Entry-level



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