• Contains Green Tea, Caffeine, and L-Taurine
  • Supports Your Weight Management Goals
  • Designed especially for men

Grenade Black Ops contains a variety of ingredients designed to support your weight management goals. It contains ingredients such as Green Tea, Caffeine, and L-Taurine. Up to four capsules of Grenade Black Ops can be taken daily.

It has been created to have a stimulatory effect and enhance mental and physical performance. Designed specifically for men, it is ideal for focused High-Intensity Interval Training and for training sessions later in the afternoon or early evening.

To support your weight management goals, a range of ingredients have been added. Caffeine has been included for its role in mobilizing fat from fat cells while Green Tea helps to increase metabolic rate and fat oxidation. Cayenne also supports fat oxidation. The grenade has also added Blue-Green Algae as it contains essential fatty acids and Phenylephrine. Essential fatty acids support decreased body fat mass while Phenylephrine stimulates Norepinephrine, a fat-burning product. The final ingredient is Cocoa Extract which has a positive effect on Nitric Oxide, which also supports fat metabolism.

L-Taurine is also included as it is believed to improve metabolic function. It also boosts protein synthesis and also keeps you from losing muscle mass during periods of weight loss.

Grenade recommends taking four capsules of Black Ops daily. Two capsules can be taken pre-workout for improved mental and physical focus.



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