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FS4 Fairtex Black-White Training Shield

Made with a genuine leather shell and four layers of shock-absorbing, high-density foam making this a very versatile training shield.

Slim in width but extra thick, great for taking hard leg kicks. Foam fitted handle at the top for better control plus an extra two handles on the back for more holding options.


  • Genuine leather
  • Four layer high-density foam
  • Versatile
  • Foam fitted handle

Length Width Thickness
FS4 61 cm 30 cm 15 cm


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
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Significantly all of Fairtex brand’s products thoroughly engineered and crafted. Their engineers work with fighters to manufacture the best Muay Thai products and equipment in the world. Most Thai fighters get train for minimum 2 times day outdoor in very damp and hot weather. Training durations usually over 2 hours long through equipments and products drenched in sweat, tears and blood. But here you can now rest assures that Fairtex products protect your training partners and you.
Renowned as the gear of champions. Endorsed through world champion boxing fighters, instructors, promoters and other sanctioning bodies around the world as innovator. And as leader in high impact combat sports. Interestingly Fairtex equipment “Engineered for Top Performance”.
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Brand coerce innovation. Fairtex’s contribution at every level of combat sports given matchless depth of knowledge and instinct in the field. Rendering their ring-proven expertise into engineering of advanced equipment and apparel use for athletes since 1993. This combination of ring practice and mechanical wisdom allowed them to constantly develop and produce cutting edge products. Fairtex, have the motto to “Be Inspired”.
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