• Training Mask 2.0 Sleeve
  • The Training Mask 2.0 allows for you to fully customize to your style!
  • Simply peel your “original black sleeve” off and put this new custom form-fitting sleeve on to make you stand out!




Crush training your fatigue, breathe stronger & longer with Elevation Training Mask by TrainingMask®. These cutting edge masks take your training/workouts to the whole new stage. By regulating stages of load to your respiratory muscles, making respiratory system well-built and efficient. Especially most important for improved sport performance.
Elevation training masks are face masks used to limit the intake of air throughout the breathing. Their supposed point to build up the respiratory musculature by making it work harder. Masks motivates elevation training by making your body effort harder to breathe. The idea after the mask's usefulness that in excess of time your lungs become accustomed to this sort of air resistance. Also to use accessible oxygen more efficiently. Apparently in result, this mask boosts your lung capacity & aerobic door-sills.
However, apart from exercising/training your muscles, you must train your lungs. And for this purpose Elevation Training Masks come into play. Masks particularly designed for runner, bodybuilders and cyclists. Elevation training masks make use of valve system. Which reduces quantity of airflow in your lungs that result in to forcing you to take deeper breaths.Here we presents few masks which specifically designed to retain your humble lungs stronger than your muscles.
If you’re searching for training mask by wholesome workout reference, then our all listed Elevation Training Mask ideal for you. These to assist you boost your cardio power for workout out.
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Elevation Training Mask for Altitude & Resistance

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