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Eizo Diamond Power Shield

• The double-sided, extra-light and durable round shield is ideal for heavy hitters, elite athletes and coaches looking for a more impact-free workout

• With this lightweight construction you can move quickly to work on a variety of angles, positions and power strokes

• Padding in stratified foams for maximum shock absorption.

• High quality synthetic coating made in Italy resistant for professional results and extra durability

• The extra thick and comfortable side handles are reinforced and riveted
• Extra light, its weight is about 550 gr
• Dimensions: 31 cm in diameter 11 cm in thickness




Eizo is your new sport concept. We commit to improve and support athletes in sport performance. In the newest era of sport, our project is a winner with a unique design and up-to-date with the latest technologies. EIZO is a pilot brand whose key feature is a continuous research into creative innovative gear. The EIZO team work constantly with manufacturers and staff to provide sports professionals with tested and reliable products.