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Eizo Presents the new Revo training model updated with all the upgrades for a versatile product suitable for all types of coaches and athletes.
The curved shape and raised edges help to contain the blow towards the center.
The construction with light materials allows prolonged use over time, improving performance and relieving tiredness on the arms.

– Synthetic lining and reinforced seams in sensitive areas.

– Cushion in the wrist area to attenuate the blow and flexion of the hitter.

– Internal relief for a firmer grip

Weight 230G




Eizo is your new sport concept. We commit to improve and support athletes in sport performance. In the newest era of sport, our project is a winner with a unique design and up-to-date with the latest technologies. EIZO is a pilot brand whose key feature is a continuous research into creative innovative gear. The EIZO team work constantly with manufacturers and staff to provide sports professionals with tested and reliable products.