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The Eizo Precision shield features a central target zone on one side that absorbs most of the shock so that trainer and athlete receive less stress on impact.

Excellent for training, it is ideal for developing stroke rates and combinations, thus offering instructors a variety of advanced training options.

Perfect jabs, hooks, uppercuts, combinations and more.

6cm thick in the center surface is suitable for heavy hitting, elite athletes and coaches looking for an impact-free workout.

Exclusive double-sided target: one side is fully padded for classic training, while the opposite side has a slightly concave target zone.

The Jumbo handles are reinforced for maximum safety.

Double stitching

Diameter 33 cm

Weight 650 gsm




Eizo is your new sport concept. We commit to improve and support athletes in sport performance. In the newest era of sport, our project is a winner with a unique design and up-to-date with the latest technologies. EIZO is a pilot brand whose key feature is a continuous research into creative innovative gear. The EIZO team work constantly with manufacturers and staff to provide sports professionals with tested and reliable products.