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Eizo Diamond Micro pasting gloves

the new and improved curved compact design is ideal for work of extreme precision and speed. Compact size for quick work and smoother combinations.

Sturdy structure in laminated synthetic support with 5 cm layered internal foam.
The interior in suede with antibacterial made in Italy allows the trainer a grip with more grip by absorbing sweat and reducing odor over time. Perforated upper support for additional breathability.

The design is ergonomically precise and provides superior support and protection.

Padded hand and wrist covers to protect the trainer

Dimensions: 18 height x 15 width x 4 cm thickness




Eizo is your new sport concept. We commit to improve and support athletes in sport performance. In the newest era of sport, our project is a winner with a unique design and up-to-date with the latest technologies. EIZO is a pilot brand whose key feature is a continuous research into creative innovative gear. The EIZO team work constantly with manufacturers and staff to provide sports professionals with tested and reliable products.