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Hook and jab pads are a crucial coaching aid to teach skills such as Balance, speed, movement, distance and punching combinations whilst static or when attempting to simulate an opponent’s movement around the ring in a more realistic competitive environment.
An effective set of pads should be lightweight and shock absorbent, they should protect the user’s hands and fingers whilst being hit but also padded to simulate a return strike.
The Aero AX-5 Series Training Pads are manufactured with a combination of flexible lightweight materials allowing them to flex naturally when the inner foams are being compressed.
Genuine leather is used for the target area and our cross fibre synthetic material to the less exposed areas of the pads.
A correct balance of varying layers of Air and EVA foams ensure the effective absorption of the punches thrown to protect both the opponent and the user.
The integral part of the mitt needs to enable the user to grip the pad in as natural a position as possible so internally is a palm domed area allowing for a more natural grip reducing undue stress and tension on the inner forearm muscles. Incorporated around the dome is an anti-slip material that allows additional grip to the fingers reducing further movement of the pad when being hit.
The outer finger area is perforated for ventilation allowing a continual air flow to the fingers and the anti-microbial moisture wicking material adds to aid cooling and hygiene.
There is a generous layer of raised padding under the wrist to aid in the support of wrist flexion for when those hitting sessions get heavy.
A good trainee pad for personal trainers and coaches alike as these pads will offer confidence and comfort to any class session.

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Carbon Claw Boxing and Combat products have been designed and manufactured from many years of knowledge gained within the Sports and Sporting Goods Industry. This Prestigious Carbon Claw brand carries the Kudos of over 30 years of manufacturing traditions and with the ever-evolving in-house design and technology to bring you a quality product that can perform to the growing pace and demands of today's consumer expectations. Our Founding Manufacturing Company was established in the 1970s as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Sporting Goods specializing in the manufacture of Boxing Equipment, Sparing Gloves, Punch Bags, Martial Arts Equipment, MMA, and Combat Sports Accessories. The business has grown from strength to strength and now boasts two manufacturing facilities and employs hundreds of skilled workers within the many various departments over the years have produced many thousands of items selling worldwide with a reputation for Performance, Durability, and Comfort.


To bring a fresh face to the Boxing and Martial Arts industry sector for 2015 we are proud to launch the new Carbon Claw branded Boxing and Combat Product ranges. Offering fantastic ranges of boxing gloves with fresh designs to suit all levels of boxing from novice to Professional training. Not just relying on our many past years of valued customer reviews and experiences we continually assess and research current consumer trends allowing us to offer you the latest in design, technology, and performance. Our current customer portfolio is comprehensive, selling to many clients and associates around the world, from Boxers and Fighters themselves to Personal Trainers, Gyms, Fitness Studio, Schools Colleges, and Local Authorities through to retailers and wholesale distributors.


Engaging with our customers on product feedback is a crucial and integral part of our future product development program which allows us to create synergy between ourselves and our continual loyal customer following. The full Carbon Claw Range will cater to all Sporting Enthusiasts from the beginner to the Professional Sports Person. As Fight Equipment Specialists our business strategy is to continue to offer exciting products to all our consumers ensuring Carbon Claw has a place and purpose within every household or training facility for years to come.