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Empire Boxing Tape in Combat Sports

In the high-impact world of combat sports, ensuring that your body is well-protected and supported is paramount. One of the essential tools for fighters is high-quality boxing tape, and Empire Boxing Tape stands out as a leading choice. At Musclebound, we offer a comprehensive range of Empire Boxing Tape products to meet the needs of athletes at all levels. In this blog, we’ll explore what Empire Boxing Tape is, its advantages, and why you should choose Musclebound for your boxing tape needs.

What is Empire Boxing Tape?

Empire Boxing Tape is a premium tape designed specifically for combat sports. It is used by athletes to secure their gloves, provide additional wrist support, and protect their hands during training and competition. Empire Boxing Tape is known for its durability, flexibility, and superior adhesive properties, making it a trusted choice among professional and amateur fighters alike.

Advantages of Empire Boxing Tape

Enhanced Protection

 Empire Boxing Tape provides essential protection for the hands and wrists. It helps to stabilise the joints and reduce the risk of injuries such as sprains and fractures, which are common in boxing and other combat sports.


One of the key advantages of Empire Boxing Tape is its durability. It is designed to withstand the rigours of intense training and competition, ensuring that it remains securely in place throughout your workout or match.


The flexibility of Empire Boxing Tape allows for a comfortable fit without restricting movement. This is crucial for maintaining agility and performance in the ring.

Superior Adhesion

Empire Boxing Tape features a strong adhesive that ensures it stays in place, even during the most demanding activities. This reliable adhesion helps to prevent the tape from slipping or unravelling, providing consistent support.


In addition to being used for hand and wrist support, Empire Boxing Tape can be used for various other applications, such as securing ankle wraps or taping fingers. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any athlete’s gear.

Why Choose Musclebound?

Extensive Selection: At Musclebound, we offer a wide range of Empire Boxing Tape products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you need tape for training or competition, we have you covered.

Top-Quality Brands

 We stock only the best brands, ensuring that you have access to products that deliver superior performance and protection. Empire Boxing Tape is among the high-quality brands we offer.


Expert Advice

 Our knowledgeable team is always available to provide expert advice on the best products for your specific needs. We are committed to helping you make informed decisions to enhance your training and performance.

Customer Satisfaction

At Musclebound, we prioritise customer satisfaction by offering exceptional service, competitive pricing, and a seamless shopping experience both in-store and online.

What Empire Boxing Tape Products Are Offered at Musclebound

At Musclebound, we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of Empire Boxing Tape products:

Empire Pro Tape AIBA Pro Pack

 This comprehensive set is designed for professional use, ensuring optimal support and protection. Priced at £12.99.

Empire Pro Tape Premium Glove Tape Red Box (6 Rolls)

 High-quality glove tape that ensures maximum protection during training and competition. Available for £16.99.

Empire Pro Tape 2.5cm x 13mtr

 Versatile tape suitable for various applications, priced at £35.99.

5cm x 15mtr BBBofC White Glove Tape Box (6 rolls)

 Premium glove tape for optimal performance, available for £16.99.

Empire Pro Tape Gauze Single Box 24 Rolls 5cm x 10m

 Essential gauze for first aid and injury support, priced at £14.99.

Empire Pro Tape 1.25cm x 13mtr [box of 24]

 Durable and versatile tape, priced at £45.99.

Empire Pro Tape Premium Glove Tape Blue Box (6 Rolls)

 Premium tape for optimal performance, available for £16.99.

Empire Pro First Aid Kit

 A complete first aid kit to handle any sports-related injuries is available for £14.99.

Empire Pro Gauze Swabs

 Ideal for cleaning wounds and applying pressure, available for £4.99.

Empire Pro Nasal Plugs

 Essential for managing nasal injuries, priced at £3.50.

Empire Pro Cotton Tip Applicators

 Useful for applying ointments and cleaning wounds, priced at £3.99.

Empire Pro Corner Tote

 A convenient tote for carrying all your essentials, available for £19.99.

Empire Pro Endswell

 Essential for reducing swelling and bruising, priced at £64.99.

Empire Pro Scissors

 High-quality scissors for cutting tape and bandages, available for £39.99.


At Musclebound, we are dedicated to providing the best products and services to support your fitness and sports needs. Visit our store in Paisley, Scotland, or explore our online shop to discover our extensive range of Empire Boxing Tape. Enhance your performance and protect yourself with high-quality products from Musclebound today!