The definite leader in mouthguard equipment and number one mouthguard known in the world is Shock Doctor. Brand has grown as leader in sports protection and performance around the world. Constant improvement in performance-driven and protective equipment trusted by bold pro plus youth athletes. Shock Doctor’s products worn through professional and college athletes. And available in more than 10,000 retail locations like our MuscleBound.
Shock Doctor Inc. manufactures and retails protective sports equipment. This brand offers products such as mouth guards, cups, supporters, elbow guards, forearm pads and ice compression wraps.
Obviously the leader in mouthguard technology. Besides considered the most important innovator in sports protection around the world, that's Shock Doctor. Significantly they belief in merging technology and design to attain better performance and protection. However products trusted across fearless sports athletes from youth, amateur to professional.
Company superior the mouthguard industry after launching shock absorbing, superior fitting, innovative and self-custom mouthguards. In addition to full line of patented, high-tech developed mouthguards. Offers wide range of sports protection products for hockey, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, martial arts, boxing, lacrosse and motorsports. Products sold at major independent sporting goods retailers like MuscleBound, throughout the U.S. and in selective international markets.
Shock Doctor’s mouthguard offers lower shape, triple level protection with deep, form fitting bite for trouble free breathing and speaking. It designed purposely to shift shock away from the point of impact. Specifically these mouthguards comes completely equipped with changeable tether.
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