HAYABUSA®, an international leader brand in combat apparel, equipment and accessories. Brand's products also known as leader in shield and performance for all fighters.
Word 'HAYABUSA' (pronounced hi-ya-boo-sa) is the Japanese term used for peregrine falcon and brand founded in 2006.
Earlier product offerings included dedicated series of fight gloves, fight shorts and rash guards. Since these primary training tools fighters needed. All products produced with attention to meet up and exceed the needs and demands of new era athletes. HAYABUSA always produces best equipment in terms of feel, comfort, fit and most prominently, performance and protection.
Athletes or martial artists constantly learning and advancing their craft, philosophy called Kaizen. HAYABUSA personalized same Kaizen approach as a martial artist by persistently improving all aspects of industry. Whether its product improvement, performance research or production processes. Brand moves forward to raise the bar and challenges the situations.
Produces elite level boxing gloves to facilitate greatest support to the hands and wrists. HAYABUSA gloves worn by professional fighters, fitness boxing/kickboxing athletes, and fanatics around the globe. Inquire any instructor, this brand boxing gloves considered as gold standard for comfort and hand protection.
HAYABUSA moreover well identified for producing some of the most excellent Jiu-Jitsu products available in the market. HAYABUSA products range from Jiu-Jitsu gis to performance technical clothing/apparel for instance fight shorts and rash guards. Besides all HAYABUSA become recognized brand into producing number of the sturdy fight shorts for both training and competition.
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