Founded in 1991, Bytomic are leading suppliers of premium brands for martial arts & fitness. Our goal is simple. To earn the respect of our customers – It’s not just about providing unrivalled choice, superb quality, outstanding value, expert advice, or reliable service. It’s about providing all of them, all of the time. Then doing it all again the next day. Only better.

We have pursued this goal relentlessly, for over 25 years, by building up our knowledge, experience and skills. Now that we are the largest supplier of industry leading brands in the UK market we do not intend to become complacent. We’re committed to constant improvement and development, plus we strive to initiate and share new ideas with all those we serve.

Our customers come from all sectors of the martial arts and fitness industries. We will strive to ensure they get the full benefit of our forward thinking and consistently professional approach – all our knowledge, business resources and training expertise will be available to them so that they, and the industry as a whole, can thrive.

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