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A Closer Look at Recent Celebrity / Influencer Boxing Matches

It’s no secret that celebrity boxing matches have become increasingly popular over the past few years. From KSI to Logan Paul, it seems like everyone is trying their hand at the sport. But what does this mean for the sport itself? Is celebrity boxing good for boxing or bad? Let’s take a closer look. 

The Pros of Celebrity/Influencer Boxing 

There are several benefits to having celebrities and influencers compete in boxing matches. These include increased visibility for the sport, a wider audience reach, and more enthusiasm from fans. When celebrities and influencers participate in these matches, it brings a lot of attention to the sport which can lead to more people getting interested in boxing as an activity or career. Additionally, having famous faces in these fights can draw in new viewers who may not have otherwise been interested in watching a professional fight. This can be beneficial for both the sport and its athletes as it will bring in additional revenue. 

The Cons of Celebrity/Influencer Boxing 

There are also some drawbacks to having celebrity/influencer boxers enter into the ring. One concern is that these fights tend to be more about entertainment than skill level or technique. As such, they often lack the intensity and drama that professional fights provide, making them less exciting for viewers. Furthermore, there is always a risk when having untrained boxers compete against one another the potential for injury is greater due to their lack of experience and knowledge of proper technique. Lastly, there is an argument that these matches are taking away from professional fighters who have worked hard to hone their skills and develop their craft—having untrained boxers compete takes away from the prestige of being a pro boxer with years of experience under your belt

Overall, it seems that while there are both pros and cons to celebrity/influencer boxing matches, they do have some benefits that could potentially help further grow the sport’s popularity if done right. However, care should be taken when organising these kinds of events to minimise risk,  to ensure either fighter’s safety due to inexperience or lack of proper training techniques. For those who love watching boxing as a spectator sport, celebrity/influencer fights add an extra layer of excitement and drama. What’s your opinion on it?  Contact the Musclebound team today, if you have any questions about getting started with Boxing.

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